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Both interior and exterior projects involve the same basic process.

- We'll meet in person on the job site. This is important as there's a tremendous amount of interplay at work in choosing colors...

  • time of day
  • lighting type
  • proximity of neighboring properties
  • existing architectural elements such as a slate roof, brick foundation or non paintable surfaces on exterior projects.
  • existing furnishings such as rugs and art for interior projects.

- After touring your space, we'll discuss your ideas and goals, color preferences and dislikes. Magazine pictures that you find appealing can be helpful aids to get your ideas across.

- From our discussion, and the existing furnishings or elements, I'll suggest an initial color direction. I use full-sized color/paint samples taped directly to the wall for evaluation. As we go through the process of adjusting color combinations, we'll narrow down the options until you're satisfied. You'll end up with a map of colors that can be turned over to whoever will perform the painting.

Besides interior and exterior paint colors schemes, I am also available to consult on the following items if you have samples available during my visit:

  • Building materials
  • Architectural finishes
  • Fabrics
  • Carpeting
  • Wallpaper
By Mail

Although it is always best to select color on-site, I am available to do exterior color consultations by mail. Interiors can not be performed remotely as they are much more influenced by surrounding conditions.


All my prices are determined on an hourly basis, and represent the best value and cost-effectiveness you'll find in the Washington D.C. area.